Club Matching Grants


The Alabama Kiwanis Foundation’s Club Matching Grant Program was established to multiply the impact that clubs have in their local communities by matching funds raised for worthwhile projects that serve to improve the lives of children.

Individual and Club Support of the Foundation Makes This Program Possible 

The Foundation awards matching grants of up to $2,000 primarily to assist smaller clubs in providing service that positively impacts the children of Alabama. Club sends in $2,000 and receives $4,000.

These grants shall be awarded on an annual basis, upon Board approval.

Club Matching Grants are considered by the Board at the Alabama District of Kiwanis’ Midwinter Conference in February.  Submission Deadline:  JUNE 30th (Updated Midwinter 2020)

Clubs can submit their Grant Request by visiting:     LINK: Club Matching Grant Application

At the time of application, local clubs must submit a check in the amount of the matching request (not to exceed $2,000) to the Alabama Kiwanis Foundation, Inc. Once you complete the form, we will send you the updated address to send your check(s) to.  If the Foundation Board approves the request for matching funds, in full or in part, the requesting club’s check will be deposited into the Foundation Account.  The Foundation will then disburse a check for the club’s funds plus any approved matching funds to the requesting club as soon as practicable.  If no matching funds are approved, the club’s funds will be returned as soon as practicable.