Across the state of Alabama, the landscape of schooling is both diverse and complex. Within this intricate tapestry, a notable facet emerges – the presence of 79 challenged schools. The interactive map on the left has all of the challenged schools listed. These institutions, distributed across the state, face an array of difficulties that test their ability to provide quality education to their students.

While some may want to explore the roots & causes of this major issue, we as Alabama Kiwanis members want to work to make a difference. Every effort made may seem like just a drop in the bucket but collectively we can make a major impact. Most importantly, we can let these children, families, and educators know that they are not forgotten and that we care.

We as Kiwanis Clubs can (1) connect with the local school leaders and see what needs might exist, (2) share Kiwanis programs that might be helpful, (3) take notes from these conversations back to your club and brainstorm what might be possible, and finally (4) DO SOMETHING & record the project using the form below.

Source: Alabama State Department of Education  Get the data
InteractiveMap with School Info, including websites- where available

During this Centennial Year for the Alabama District, we would like to make sure that all of Alabama knows that we are continuing to make a difference and are needed now more than ever. Every club can make a difference for the children of these challenged schools- whether in your backyard or not. Just showing them we care makes all of the difference. Any project makes a difference- from sponsoring a Bringing Up Grades Program, starting or supporting a Key Club or K-Kids Club or Builders Club, sponsoring students to attend the Key Leader Program, having a School Supply Drive, to supporting an existing After School Tutoring Program, to writing encouraging notes to the teachers, administrators, and staff…the sky is the limit…. Just Do Something! Click this Link to document any efforts made so that we can recognize your efforts and tally the cumulative impact Alabama Kiwanis members make throughout our great State.


Dr. Dale Elliott
Kiwanis Club of Indian Springs Village
Alabama District Chairperson- Service Projects

Dr. Kristi Sayers
Kiwanis Club of Talladega-Lincoln
2023-2024 Alabama Kiwanis District Lt. Governor

2023-2024 Alabama District Governor Keith McKendall

For more information about the Challenged Schools Challenge, email 2023-2024 Alabama Kiwanis District Governor Keith McKendall.